I forgot to blog – 20 facts about me

Hmmmm, why is it half past 10 in the Sunday evening, and I’ve just remembered that I have a thing called blog?

Oh yeah, I’m lazy and have million of other things to do, but what do I do instead? Well, how about spending a whole weekend on YouTube or reading Game Of Thrones(ASOIAF)? Very responsible from you, Lucija, very responsible. So, after admiting that I’m one lazy couch potato, let’s go to other 20 facts about me! 🙂

  1. I’m 14 years old and should be in the 8th class now, but when I was younger I decided to go to school early, so that brings me to being a freshmann!
  2. I’m 173 cm tall, that’s about 5 feet and 8 inches, so yeah, I can say that I’m quite tall. To be honest, sometimes I hate it, but I got used to it by now.
  3. I don’t have my favourite food cause I love to eat sooo many things!
  4. I’m reall skinny and I hate it. I eat as much as I can and I’ve been trying forever to gain some weight… My metabolism is like Usain Bolt of the metabolisms.
  5. I have dark-blonde hair, it reminds of honey. Idk it’s kinda weird to describe.
  6. I’ve had bangs(fringe) for 5 years and got sick of them, so now I’m in an awkward stage of growing them back…
  7. I have blue eyes, and they’re the only part of my body that I wouldn’t like to change. (I’m not trying to be an attention whore, I’m proud with who I am)
  8. I’m Roman Christian but I disagree with the Church on so many terms and I’m proud to be really open-minded. I’m still figuring this religion thing out.
  9. I’m allergic to making fun of someone because of their race, nation, religion, sexual orientation or anything like that.
  10. I have a huuuuuge faimily(seriously, even I don’t know who is who)
  11. I love makeup but don’t know how to put it on haha.
  12. My favourite movies/ books are: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, ASOIAF, The Fault In Our Stars and so on.
  13. My favourite TV-show is Game of Thones, I’m a massive fan and I’m so excited of filming it here in Croatia!
  14. I don’t know how to cook.
  15. I don’t know what would I like to become(maybe an achitect).
  16. I love animals(especially wolves or penguins) and someday I’m gonna have a husky. Watch me.
  17. There are times when I’m super girly and then there are days that I’m really tomboyish.
  18. I love to travel and my dream is to go to London and UK in general.
  19. I love shopping and not having Primark, Forever 22 and some other stores here is a big pain in the ass.
  20. I have a guinea pig GIzmo and you’re gonna see him a looot on this blog! 😉

Soooo, that’s it, I hope you like it and I love every single one of you who reads this.

Don’t forget to smile, okay?

Good night yall. Xx


Sunny weekends <3

Hello guys,

Yeah, I know that I was supposed to blog yesterday but all the high school work was waiting for me, so writing another post on this blog was clearly the last thing on my mind. I was planning to write down all the things that might inspire me to do a really interesting blogpost. Well, that didn’t work well. So, in the end of this post I will list all the things that interest me and might be featured on this blog throughout few weeks.

Let me talk about my weekend! It wasn’t exciting at all, but I enjoyed it, and the time just flew away. 😦

As you may know, past summer in the area that I live in(Croatia) was terrible. It was full of rain, cold and kinda deppresing I must say. When I wanted to go take a swim, it was raining. And when it was sunny outside, I was, khm, on my ladies days. So you can see that I had pretty bad luck and got into a fight with a good old friend-the Atmosphere. sun with no clouds-woow

And now you can imagine my happiness these days, when the sun is shining and there is no single cloud to mess around with my emotions. Today, after I ate some Sunday-roast(chicken, potatoes and fresh salad,yummyy) I went on my balcony and took some shots of pre-autumny flowers. Photos turned out pretty damn good for a Samsung phone! 😉

20140928_145403My favourite one20140928_145420

Aaand now the ideas I’ve promised:

  • Some Nivea/Lush products reviews(since I’m a big fan of their products)
  • My random favourites
  • 20 facts about me
  • Me rambling about stuff, like usual
  • New in the High School -experience

So, that’s it guys, I’ll be back next week!

Wish you all good luck next week(although I need some too, exams alreday!)

Love you all, good night! ❤

I don’t even know


I felt soo good about starting my blog last night and I admit it: I was expecting that I’m gonna wake up with 1000 followers and at least 20000 views on my first post. lol.

The thing that I didn’t know was that there are millions of people with amazing blogs, full of funny or educational posts. And I, optimistic soul as always(not really), thought to myself that people are gonna stumble upon this blog across millions of better ones, and find it interesting for some reason that I don’t even know. Fail.

What am I gonna write about? How are people gonna recognize me? Will they like me? What if they won’t? Am I supposed to just go away before I embarass myself?

Hey, that’s what blogs are about: some people are gonna like it, some don’t. But the most important thing is that you enjoy what you’re doing no matter the views, comments or followers. That I don’t have *sigh*

So right now I just wanna say that this blog is gonna be about my opinions on life, food, society and maybe a tiny, little post about make-up, fashion and clothes- I’m quite girly after all :3

Nobody started a blog and got famous after one day, I gotta accept it. I just want a little group of people that is gonig to like my blog haha.

I’ll be back again, but now it’s time for Maths homework :S

Wish you all lovely Sunday and a succesful week! x

Hello Internet :)

Hello boys and girls!!!

Ok, that just didn’t sound really good, but i have to start somehow lol.

My name is Lucija, or basically Lucy in english, or lucyluliving on the Internet(it would have been lucylu, but the name was already taken haha).

I want to apologize because of the grammar or pronunciation because I’m not a native english speaker, so there are going to be a lot of mistakes of that kind on my blog hehe.

Basically, I’m a teenage girl who just started high school, loves books, movies and sometimes knows to obsess over people, books, shows or movies(c’mon we all do) 😉 I love to write, I also used to write some poems and even tried to write a book. God knows where those things are now.  I’ve also used to write a diary but I’m terrified to open it now cause I’m so ashamed of it that if someone reads it, I’ll probably jump off something really, really high.

Anywayss, I’ve started this blog cause I mostly suck at all other things in which I can express myself- music, art, singing and dancing. Even though I love to dance and sing, I wouldn’t like anyone to hear me. Or see me. Yup.

Ok, I will write more posts about things I like in the future, but now I’m going to sleep and hope that someone except my wonderful friend L will read this crap haha.

Good night x.